3 Things to know before picking a Vintage Mailbox

Vintage Mailboxes have exploded in popularity as of late. It seems that more and more people are veering away from more modern offerings and instead opting for something which has a slightly more period feel to it. In my opinion these people are making an absolutely fantastic decision. Of course, before they find the right mailbox for them they need to navigate through the myriad of offerings to choose from which certainly can be off-putting. Don’t worry though, in this article I am going to teach you how to find the exact vintage mailbox for your needs.

One of the first things that you are going to need to consider is whether you should opt for real vintage mailboxes or replica ones. Of course, most people are going to tend to lean towards the former option, after all, if they are going to do something then they want to do it right. The problem with this route however is that it may take you a while to track down the actual mailbox that you want, and when you do find it there might be some damage to it. On the other hand, replica vintage mailboxes tend to be in abundance and they are made from good quality materials which ensure they last for many years to come. The downside however is that the detail isn’t as good due to the mass produced processes that are used to craft them. Generally speaking, the prices are pretty much on par with each other so your budget shouldn’t really matter too much at this point. One word of warning here though, if you do opt for replica mailboxes then only purchase them from a reputable manufacturer. The reason for this is that the boom in popularity for this type of box has meant that many manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon. In order to keep customers coming in they have decided to slash their prices, and this means that compromises need to be made on the design. Not only will the detail be less intricate but the materials used are going to be sub-par, and that means your mailbox isn’t going to last as long as something that is much better quality.

Vintage Victorian Mailbox


The next thing you are going to need to consider about your vintage mailboxes is the style that you want. Of course the amount of space that you have is going to be a deciding factor here. For example, if you have a lot of space outside of your house then you may wish to opt for either a vintage style mailbox on top of a pedestal, or perhaps a mailbox which sits upon a post. The choice here is most likely going to be based upon what you prefer. If you don’t have a lot of space outside of your home then you may wish to opt for a wall mounted mailbox. The downside to this is that these styles of vintage mailbox tend to have much less space for mail to go in, and that isn’t going to be ideal if you frequently go away for long periods of time.

Finally you are going to need to pay attention to the design of vintage mailbox that you are after. Of course, this is going to be simple if you are the owner of a period property and want to install a bit of character into it by purchasing a mailbox from that era, but if you have a slightly more modern home then you will need to bear a few things in mind. One of the main things that you are going to need to consider is the era of box that you are after. There are huge differences between Colonial Mailboxes and Victorian Boxes after all. Perhaps one of the best ways to decide here is to go out and take a little look at the mailboxes that are on offer. Hopefully when you look at them certain ideas will resonate with you and then you will be able to work from there!

Hopefully that has given you a brief idea on how you can choose the vintage mailboxes that are right for you. Now go search for some! All you need to do is go in armed with your budget and an idea for the sort of thing that you are going to be after and it should be a rather simple process.